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  • Publish Time: 2024.03
  • Max Win: 10000x
  • Winning frequency: Medium
  • Winning amount: Medium
  • Type of game: slot
  • Special Features: Free Game, Free Spin
  • Paylines: 4096 ways
  • Supported: Window / Android / IOS / HTML5


In the slot game “Zeus” by tq777, players will experience a slot game themed around Zeus. By accumulating three Scatter symbols during spins, players can unlock free games. During these free games, more paylines will be unlocked, with up to 38,416 ways to win!

One of the standout features of “Zeus” is that symbols are replaced after elimination, and Scatter symbols collected during spins accumulate. Once three are collected, free games are unlocked. Each time symbols are eliminated, players eagerly anticipate whether they’ll receive a Scatter to enter the free games!

Upon entering free games, players can further increase the number of free games and unlock additional paylines by collecting Scatters! With up to 38,416 paylines, winning becomes effortless!

Moreover, if players land mysterious symbols during the game, Zeus will unleash his lightning, randomly replacing the mysterious symbols with various symbols, offering the chance to win incredibly high rewards!


Game Rule

This slot game offers a maximum win of up to 10,000,000 php, with a maximum multiplier of 10,000x. The minimum bet is 1 php, while the maximum bet is 1,000 php.

Mystery Symbol

  • Appears in both regular and free games.
  • Randomly transforms into any symbol before each elimination! (Except Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol)
  • The Mystery Symbol is not eliminated. If it contributes to a win and is eliminated, after the symbols are refilled, the Mystery Symbol will transform into any symbol again!
  • The Mystery Symbol itself does not have odds.
  • The Mystery Symbol appears only in rounds 2 to 5.

Wild Symbol

  • Can substitute for any symbol except Scatter Symbol in the game.
  • Wild appears in rounds 2 to 6.

Free Spins

When SCATTER symbols appear, the game calculates their cumulative quantity. When 3 or more scatter symbols accumulate in any position and the main game can no longer eliminate them, it triggers free spins.

Accumulating different quantities of SCATTER symbols in the same round yields different effects:

  1. Accumulate 3: Triggers 8 free spins.
  2. Accumulate 6: Extends the free spins board lines to 10,000 Ways, +2 free spins!
  3. Accumulate 9: Extends the free spins board lines to 20,736 Ways, +2 free spins!
  4. Accumulate 12: Extends the free spins board lines to 38,416 Ways, +2 free spins!
  5. Accumulate 15 or more: Every additional 3 SCATTER symbols awards +2 free spins!
  6. The board extension effect continues until the end of free spins.
  7. During free spins, the appeared Mystery Symbol will remain on the board until the end of the free spin mode.
  8. When Mystery Symbol remains on the board, effects are triggered every time it is eliminated and before win line calculation.

Pay Line

  1. This is a slot machine game with 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4,096 Ways, extendable to a maximum of 38,416 Ways.
  2. Starting from the leftmost reel, all winning symbols pay from left to right on adjacent reels.
  3. Winning = Odds x Bet.
  4. According to the payline rules, winning symbols will be removed, and new symbols will appear in corresponding positions. Bets within the same round have the chance to get additional wins and repeat this process until no more wins are obtained.
  5. Only the highest amount won on each win line will be paid.
  6. All pays and games are void in case of a malfunction. If any malfunction occurs during a feature game, the system will automatically complete the game and pay the player.
  7. If there is an interruption after receiving player bet data and the player cannot further influence the event or bet result, the bet result will still be valid.
  8. Malfunction voids all pays and plays. If there’s any malfunction during the feature game, the system will automatically complete the subsequent game and reward the player.
  9. Where an interruption occurs after the operator receives notification of the customer´s gamble and where the customer can have no further influence on the outcome of the event or gamble the results of the gamble should stand.
  10. A game round is immediately ended when the win cap is reached, and all winnings will be paid out.

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