3 Coin Treasures

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Table of Contents

  • Publish Time: 2024.03
  • Max Win: 5200x
  • Winning frequency: Medium-High
  • Winning amount: Low-Medium
  • Type of game: slot
  • Special Features: Freature Game, Free Spin
  • Paylines: 243 ways
  • Supported: Window / Android / IOS / HTML5


In ‘3 Coin Treasures,’ collect mystery coins and embark on special games with the Chinese dragon, earning consecutive free spins and winning the GRAND prize!

tq777-slot-game-3 Coin Treasures-game-main-game
tq777-slot-game-3 Coin Treasures-game-main-game

Game Rule

This slot game features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 ways to win, with a maximum payout of 5,200,000 and a maximum win of 5,200x. The minimum bet is 1, while the maximum bet is 1,000, and the RTP is 97.00%.

Lucky Coins

  • When Tiger Coin, Dragon Coin, and Koi Coin appear, there is a chance to trigger a special feature game.
  • Trigger corresponding special games based on the appearance of coins.

Feature Game

  • Each special feature game grants 3 free spins
  • When yellow, blue, red, and green appear simultaneously, the GRAND prize can be obtained.
  • Jackpot bonuses are a fixed multiple of the player’s bet.

Pay Line

  1. Starting from the leftmost reel, all winning symbols on adjacent reels are paid from left to right.
  2. Regular bet winnings = Bet amount x Odds.
  3. Only the highest amount won on each line is paid.
  4. Malfunctions void all pays and plays. If any malfunction occurs during the special feature game, the system will automatically complete the remaining game and award the player.
tq777-slot-game-3 Coin Treasures-game-big-win
tq777-slot-game-3 Coin Treasures-game-big-win

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